Barclays Program

From the inception of the Yayasan BCU, teacher training was considered a way in which the foundation could make a significant contribution to improving the overall quality of education in Kalimantan.

BCU in cooperation with Yayasan Usaha Mulia (YUM) with funding provided by Barclays Capital, was able to carry out a teacher training program to government schools in the surrounding villages. The government teachers in the impoverished district of Bukit Batu have limited opportunities for teacher-training and thus this program conducted by BCU has been greatly appreciated both by the government and the teachers in the area.

The past two years have been exciting for hundreds of teachers of 13 government schools in the area, as they embarked on a teacher training program that was very different to anything they had experienced before. These teachers attended at BCU a series of participatory workshops exploring the new paradigms of child-centered learning though discovery, creativity and interactive education. This was a major shift from the old paradigm of education they were familiar with, in which the students were fed information through
rote learning and memorization.

With a new understanding of the “child centered” paradigm in education, the teachers of the local schools have been enthusiastic to continue the training with more in depth courses on how the Indonesian curriculum can be enriched. Additional Teacher Training courses have also been offered in computer training specifically for teachers, and advanced courses in teaching science, math and social studies in child-centered methods.

The program has already provided training to over 250 teachers in the 2009-2011 period and is part of the BCU School commitment to improving education in Kalimantan.